Vid Ingelevics: hunter/gatherer

These images and the text excerpt is from an exhibition of photographs of woodpiles and hunting platforms by Toronto-based artist Vid Ingelevics. I wrote the catalogue essay for the show.  Vid is an old friend and one day when he was shooting the series, he and I snowshoed into some back country near to where I live so he could photograph a tree-stand hunting platform there.

Woodpile #10, 2006

hunter/gatherer: Vid Ingelevics
Curated by Joan Stebbins (SAAG)
This exhibition of photographs toured to Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square and the Art Gallery of Peterborough in 2008 and 2009.

Catalogue Essay by Kim Fullerton

In hunter/gatherer, Toronto-based artist Vid Ingelevics brings together photographs from two of his most recent bodies of work; one of hunting platforms, the second of woodpiles. While both structures are ubiquitous throughout Canada, Ingelevics focuses his lens on those found in the countryside of Grey County, northwest of Toronto.

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Colette Urban: Pretend Not to See Me

Colette Urban in Pretend Not to See Me

This is a still from the film Pretend Not to See Me, a really great documentary about Newfoundland artist Colette Urban, directed by Canadian filmmaker Katharine Knight. I saw the film last February in Toronto at Canadian Art Magazine’s Reel Artists Film Festival and think about it often because it was a really good film about this dedicated, resourceful, focused,  slightly eccentric woman living alone in a rural community, making art and performances that are really terrific. Not to say Urban is an “outsider artist”; she has a long and illustrious history as an artist and teacher in Toronto and other urban centres.

The film recreates twelve performances from the artist’s history, set against the house, yard, barn and landscape she lives in. She sings, makes costumes, talks, enacts herself as animals, and incorporates into her performances fantastical objects she makes and transforms. In a summary on ecofilms website says, and I agree:

“Urban emerges as an empathetic, courageous and visionary character who has achieved artistic excellence through a focused and solitary journey.
This is a film about following a dream, having courage and believing in oneself.
It’s about embracing risk through acts of the imagination and believing in a place.”

Here are a couple of trailers from the film

and an interview with the artist and director

but go see it all if you get the chance!

Marlene Creates’ Virtual Walk of The Boreal Poetry Garden, Newfoundland

Marlene Creates reading poetry.

Marlene Creates is this totally amazing artist who lives near Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. Over the years, she has created several projects on or near this land, integrating her life and art in ways that deeply connect her, and us, with her environment and the landscape around her.

Of her new project, A Virtual Walk of The Boreal Poetry Garden, she says:

“In the last few years, inspired by the 6 acres of boreal forest where I’m living in Newfoundland, I’ve ventured into some new realms: site-specific poetry and in situ performance. I’m pleased to announce the launch of A Virtual Walk of The Boreal Poetry Garden. I hope you’ll join me on A Virtual Walk of The Boreal Poetry Garden.”

Check it out, the poetry and visuals are beautiful and startling. You can also check out her other work, and bio, etc. at