Lawn Tractor

New used Kubota lawn tractor

I had to learn how to use a lawn tractor, or rider mower, cause I bought one. A used Kubota from Markdale Tractor. First time I used it the belt that drove the blades came off so I phoned the sales guy, Mark, who sold it to me and they came and got it the same day and returned it 3 days later, fixed, blades sharpened, a tune up. Free of charge. Now that’s what I call service cause there was no warranty that came with it. But since they just sold it to me I guess they felt obligated to make it right. Nice guys. Totally recommend them.

Anyway, it’s totally fun to ride and reminds me of learning to drive on the tractor on the farm near Wetaskawin, Alberta, when I was about 12-13. Except that was a manual and this is automatic. But it does have a farmers steering knob on the steering wheel. Cool.