How to use a caulking gun

Caulking gun

Today I had to figure out how to use a caulking gun. I’d been stripping old flaking paint from the garage door in preparation for a new coat of paint when I inadvertently peeled off a strip of caulking in the frame. So I needed to recaulk it. I had a caulking gun in my garage and I had a tube of caulking; they’d been used and left by contractors I’d hired to do odd jobs around the place. I’d never used the caulking gun myself and needed to figure it out. How hard could it be?

Caulking is a rubbery flexible sealing compound used to fill gaps and seal out moisture in various kinds of structures, including doors and windows. It comes in a tube and the gun helps you to squeeze it out in a smooth continuous bead along the joint you’re sealing.

Caulking gun

Insert the tube into the gun as above, once you’ve pulled the spring loaded plunger all the way back. You pull the plunger all the way back by depressing the trigger my thumb is on in the picture below and pulling back on the hooked handle.

Depress this leaver to move the plunger back

Now you squeeze the handle to pump the plunger back into the hollow tube until the round flat disk there at the end of the plunger comes up against the end of the tube inside. Oh boy this is hard to describe!

Now to squeeze out the smooth continuous bead of caulking you just squeeze the handle and move the tip down along the joint. Then you take your thumb or a finger and run it along the bead of caulking to smooth it out. Presto.

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