I’m back!

Figuring out how to keep a steady stream of firewood moving from the woodpile to the woodstove, with a little help from my friends!

Hauling in firewood.

Pals Pam, Robin, Geoffrey and Nadia came over on a beautiful November afternoon and split about 2-3 cords of wood for me. The wood had been delivered, 3 years ago, already split, but still too heavy for me to pick up now that I’m in a wheelchair.

Wood splitting team!

The splitter itself is a much smaller machine than I thought it would be and runs on gas. I rented it from Saugeen Sales and Rentals in Durham (Ontario) for $60 per day. Geoffrey picked it up because he has a trailer hitch on his car. It was super easy to use and at one point I controlled the lever which just pushes the blade back and forth, whiile everyone else fed wood into it, or stacked. Wood is placed at either end of the blade action so you split one way then the other. We were done in 2 hours!

The Splitter.

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